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Welcome to Upstate Couture!

Our blog will be devoted to fashion and retail therapy :). And the key word here is “therapy”, we want to be Your therapy councils through fashion, local shopping and going out. We will be showing how to do this on any budget – from several $ to some “honey, I think I’ve reached the credit card limit” kinda situation ;).

Surveys show that over 80% of shoppers experience positive feelings about shopping, and the effect is usually long-lasting: boosting your mood, relieving stresses. As long as we know how to give us the treat and not get out of control to be impulsive shoppers.

Besides let’s spend bunch of money shopping, we’ll be doing healthier alternatives like:

  •  window shopping
  •  de-clutter
  •  super sale little purchase
  •  and may be some closet exchanges and thrifting

Cause You need that escape to brighten up your day, put a smile on your face and reduce your cravings for material items.

Since most of the time we spend in the Upstate SC, we’ll concentrate on local boutiques and spa salons, different events where we can spot the latest street styles and trends. Also, we’ll be visiting places to show off our styles (off course 😉 ) and enjoy all of the therapeutic effects from shopping, being pampered and going out.

We hope that our retail therapy guide can



We want to hear from you, and would be glad if you can share your feedback and something you are particularly interested for us to write about.

local boutique display

  written by Alona --->Follow Us on facebook and Instagram @upstatecouturetherapy

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