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Fall Fashion 2018 Trend Report

Stay on trend this fall season and check out our pinterest board below. Anyone can pull of the latest 2018 Fall Fashion styles presented by famous couture designers on runways this year. And we will be helping you in our next posts ;).

And now, here is the guide to follow:

Animal Prints

We love them! Zebra, leopard, snake, in colors or neutral, skirts or pants, dresses or coats… I’m sure you can find some animal printed garb in your closet.

Cowboy Boots and Prairie Style 

That’s our favorite too! We’re going to explore a local Lebo’s western wear and see if any boots are still left ;).

Hot Neon Pink

All time girls favorite!

You can use accessories in that color like the Chanel models showed. Or plan your cocktail time not to be modest and wear it all over.

Bling Bling

Shine like a diamond! From clutches to two-piece suits it’s OK to sparkle and throw lights like a disco ball this fall.

All Kinds of Plaid

Michael Kors showed us yellow plaid coat on top of yellow roses dress, two different patterns together as long as we incorporate same colors – it works!

Oversized Bags

Hm, back to totes, hobos and shoppers, – not only essentials we can carry now but let’s take on something extra.

2018 fall trends

  written by Alona ---> Follow Us on facebook and Instagram¬†@upstatecouturetherapy

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