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Home made hot chocolate or how to make cold days warmer

Hot chocolate is certainly one of the most popular energy drinks during cold weather days. It elevates the mood and brings the feeling of stress down thanks to phenethylamine, which triggers the release of pleasure-inducing endorphins and dopamine in the brain. And as any supplemental food or herb you should take cocoa during 30 days minimum in order to feel the beneficial mood improvements. There…

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Let’s Dress “Coco Chanel Style” With a Modern Twist

Looking for some Coco Chanel Style outfit ideas? One of the things which makes Coco Chanel the most iconic couturier of all times in the fashion world is her “Little Black Dress”. It was first released in 1926, and intended to be: affordable versatile long-lasting. By 1926 she was already famous by her nontraditional and totally ahead of time women’s wardrobe approach. She used not…

Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report 2018

For a girl who loves color as much as I do, this year’s Pantone Color Fashion Fall Palette does not disappoint, and it is giving me plenty of ideas for what to wear in the upcoming holiday season. Did you know that Pantone Color Institute creates Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report each season. It displays the colors the most famous fashion designers showcase on the…

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